Summer is here – Hooray!


After all the dark and cold months dreaming of sun, sea and sandy beaches we finally made it to the Summer months. It´s been a long winter calling for duvet days and comfort food and we should not blame ourselves for that.


But now that we finally reached the beach season,like every year us women are concernedabout whether we have that beach body we see everywhere in the media. First of all, let us tell you the reality: A very low percentage of the population is genetically privileged with the “ideal” body shape that is presented to us in the media even though we think beauty is truly a matter of taste. So we suggest that you do not take the models as “the ideal” or “the average” body and feel somehow insecure. We certainly believe that the first step to be beautiful is “self confidence”. Second step is a fit and toned body.


Therefore whether you have 2 weeks until your vacation or just want to get back on track with your fitness regime, follow our Top 5 Tips to motivate yourself:



  • 1. Listen to upbeat and fun music that sets you instantly in a good mood and reminds you of summer or fun times with your besties. Even if it´s cloudy or raining outside with your favorite upbeat tunes you will be set back on your goals – Try it!


  • 2. Workout in a group or a class – if you don´t feel like working out by joining a class you will notice that you are not alone pushing yourself through the hard workout. Also seeing other fit girls might also put you in a motivated phase.



  • 3. Wear what you love and feel good while working out – it can be simple as that! Feel your best with stylish and comfortable workout clothes, whether it´s a sexy yoga pant, sports bra or luxurious active wear treat yourself to some fashionable workout wear and you will feel the difference and go to the gym a lot more often.


  • 4. Share your after workout motivational picture with others on social media – there are countless fitness and motivational accounts on social media channels so this is another great way to be motivated and motivate others and keep going with your training even if you don´t feel like it.


  • 5. Think about the post workout endorphins and the long term benefits of sports to your health – even if your short-term goal is to get that beach body thinking about the long-term effects of a regular workout is indeed a big plus.