With the summer months, we find it increasingly easy to be outdoors. To feel the sun's rays and the light summer breeze on your skin, to observe nature in its fullest splendor is definitely something we dreamed about during the cold season.


The Outdoor Training has numerous positive effects on our physical and emotional health. Here are the Top 5 positive side effects of outdoor exercising:


 1. Relaxation for mind and soul - Whether jogging in the fresh air or doing yoga in the nature, it helps to cope with the daily stress, let go and fight against frustration, negativity and depression.


 2. Better and cleaner air - it is estimated that the air is twice as much polluted in enclosed spaces than the fresh air in the nature.


 3. Daily Dose of Vitamin D - due to working in confined spaces most of us have a vitamin D deficiency. By exercising outdoors half an hour everyday- even in cloudy weather - will help us to stock up of this valuable vitamin.


 4. Better condition – if you ever have trained on the treadmill for half an hour and have jogged in nature for the same duration you will have noticed that the exercising outdoor is a bit more strenuous. Exercising in the fresh air requires more lung capacity, thus ensuring a better condition.


 5. It does not require any fees - In addition to all the positive effects on the body, there is an advantage of the great impact on the finances - namely that we can save ourselves the cost of membership in the gym. So do not get out to nature!